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(9 Dumb Customers | I left my coupon at home...)

Finally! [28 Dec 2009|09:05pm]

After two very long years, I can finally retire my black apron and magnetic name tag.

I still can't believe it's been that long since a bright-eyed thisisme663 walked into a Michaels and handed in her application. Since then there has been many hellish transactions, funny requests, and neat things to make. I still feel for all of you who have to sit through those long hours behind the register or crazy customers.

So, my question to all of you is, what's the funniest thing a customer has ever asked that you might carry?

For me it would probably have to be.. someone once asked me if we carried live bait. Um, no, we're not a outdoors retailer. So sorry.

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general question about the dress code policy.. [05 May 2009|09:55pm]

[ mood | blah ]

does anybody here that works at michaels or know of a coworker that has coloured hair? even if it's just streaks, or colour underneath natural coloured hair, i'm curious. pretty much any unnatural colour: pink, red, orange, green, blue, purple.. etc.

the reason i'm asking is because a few months ago i almost lost my job at michaels because of it, and i ended up spending over $500 getting it fixed. i'm pretty angry about the whole thing, but i really don't feel like going into detail about it.

just wondering if anyone has some unnatural colour in their hair, and if your management has a problem with it.

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New Year's [02 Jan 2009|01:48am]

Happy New Year's! And sorry to anyone who had to work... including myself.

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Valentine's Day [17 Dec 2008|10:28pm]

Does anyone else think it's ridiculous that we're putting out Valentine's Day merchandise before Christmas? Working at Michaels is kind of killing my holiday joy by making me be surrounded by decorations and specialty products for months at a time. I'm not the only one who feels this way, am I?

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[08 Nov 2008|11:08pm]

I have a bit of an odd question that I'm not sure anyone will be able to help me with, but here it goes... I signed on to the michaels sam website to enroll for health insurance. When I was done it asked me to change my username and password, and I did, but then neglected to write down what I'd changed them to. Now I can't remember and need to switch the account my direct deposit is going to. I'll ask my store manager if I have to but I'd rather not as he's been in an especially bad mood this last week or so. Does anyone know what I can do, short of talking to the manager?

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[26 Oct 2008|08:31am]

any other event coordinators in here?

how did your scrapbook discovery day go?

also! has anyone else's michaels turned their classroom into a clearance room? how's that working out?

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[14 Oct 2008|11:41pm]

Is anyone else upset about the lack of space on the counters at the registers? We just had to put out these ridiculous little candles that no one is going to buy and that just take up space. There was already too little space with the People magazines, candy, and giftcards, we didn't need anything new added!

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[06 Oct 2008|04:51pm]

I dont understand why the framers have to wear long sleeves. I've gotten used to the different dress codes for thte frame shop but what the hell is with the long sleeves?  Is anybody elses frame shop really hot? Our SM said we could still wear short sleeves so i went and bought a bunch of shirts. Then I come into work and she says the DM sent an e-mail saying we must wear long sleeves. Its so stupid, they think putting us in tuxedos will sell more frames.

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[22 Sep 2008|11:05pm]

Have any other stores gotten the new, black aprons? I don't like them as much as the old ones because no matter how I tie mine, it slips down since it doesn't go around my neck anymore.

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Coupons... [04 Sep 2008|12:08pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

On a plus side, who is relieved about Michael's new coupon policy?

We are officially enforcing "One coupon per customer" and the exception log no longer exist! Also, now there are internet coupons!

Edit: Forgot to mention! Did anyone receive these supposed "40% off your entire purchase" coupon? Apparently Michaels goofed and sent a few of these out in their e-mail. But the one I saw a lady bring in looked photoshopped. The coupon itself looked blurry and pixelated. Plus, it came from a regular customer that tries to scam us every week and she wanted to use it on a bunch of Xyron stuff.

I wanted to tell her to take a hike, but my department manager was all, "Well it says Micahels on it, we have to take it."

Is she retarded!? We would never send a coupon like that out. Especially since customers reproduce the crap out of them.

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Dress code, again! [04 Sep 2008|11:57am]

[ mood | pissed off ]

Yes, as of Sept 1st the new dress code at Michaels is in full effect.

2 days I went into work with the new uniform. On the 3rd day I wore the same outfit I get written up. Why? Because no one bothered to tell me I couldn't wear my khaki capris and a black collared shirt that has a white underlayer peaking out from the chest. My manager pointed out in the paper we were given, it strictly says "Full length pants" and "Solid black collared shirt".

This sucks, I have work tonight, but I can't show up until I return these items and find something new to wear. My funds are low because of the lack of hours I've been given and shopping has been really difficult for me.

Michaels does not pay me enough to provide my own uniform. = /

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[25 Aug 2008|01:56am]

Hi! I started working as a cashier at a Michaels in Kansas City about 2 weeks ago. For the most part it's a pretty good job. But I can't stand customers who have you price-check every little item in their cart and then decide not to get half of what they picked up because it's not on sale even though it was in a sale area. It's not my fault people pick stuff up, carry it around, and don't put it back in the right place!

(I left my coupon at home...)

Working at JoAnns is no picnic either [13 Jul 2008|10:56am]
I have been working at the Joanns in CA for the past year and a half. Register to Cut Counter to Register and Cut counter to Cut Counter Supervisor. I get to hear the complaints of the employees, customers, bosses, and everything else in between.

Oh, by the way, does anyone else have employees that don't pull their weight around and then complain to you that you are "too bossy" or ( I love this one) "you're not the boss of me"...

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Why? [20 May 2008|04:46pm]

[ mood | hot ]

Is anyone else being screwed by the new auto-scheduling at Michaels? People who have been working for the company for years are only getting 1 day a week, while new hires are getting a full schedule! No joke! I've only been getting 1 4-hour day a week for the last month. If I quit, I don't think I can collect unemployment...all I can do is look for another job. = (

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hey kiddos... [05 May 2008|12:57am]

I'm brand new.

I work over at a Michael's in CT. I myself am pretty crafty so I thought working at a craft store would be a logical choice for me. I've been working there for two years trying to put my butt through college with a degree in English.

I was, however, very very wrong in choosing Michael's as my part time job. Ever so VERY wrong. I'm about the only one there who knows anything about crafts at all.

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Stupid Michael's 5-Star Crap [03 Mar 2008|02:47pm]

5-star, complete and utter bull crap! I got picked to be the champion, have no idea why since i only work three nights a week! And on those three nights there are only 2 front end staff members, one of which is doing store recovery and clean up.

This is the biggest waste of time. Who cares if the stores are uniform or not, even if they are, each store is going to do things slightly different from the rest just based on the manager alone!

And it kind of pisses me off that they describe as one of the objectives to eliminate programs that don't add value. Because for instructors and others have to combine jobs (ie cash office and recieving--which what the hell is going to go on there?!?!) that could be interpretted as their jobs don't add value. We have so many customers who are pissed about classes. And then the fact that there are extra employees who are "doing nothing but cleaning".

[end rant]

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[23 Feb 2008|06:18pm]

[ mood | discontent ]

How many Michael's Event Co-Ordinators do we have out there?

Anyone else get the news today?

I'm not even sure how to take it.

The ChangesCollapse )

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hello!! [19 Feb 2008|09:57pm]

Hey! I'm Michelle, I work @ Michaels in NY ^_^. Our Michael's is like gossip city, customers are assholes unless you are somewhat nice, which is impossible.

I hate when people SHOP AT THE REGISTER .

god theyre just SO RETARDED>

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Later, Martha! [07 Feb 2008|10:49pm]

Her shit wasn't sellin', so Michaels is droppin' her like a red-headed step-child! XD

Word straight from my manager!

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Superbowl samples. [25 Jan 2008|10:28pm]

[ mood | creative (but not really.) ]

E.C. at Mikey's here.

I don't know about the rest of you, but living here in New England we've been told that we need to make stuff with Patriots and Giants themes for the upcoming Super Bowl. (Seriously, really? I mean, who shops at a craft store and cares about football? Also, I had NO IDEA the superbowl was coming up. Thank heavens for internet access on my cell and by complete coincidence a Patriots jersey in the framing department waiting for a shadow box!)

Behind the cut are a few of the things I did if you would like to yank the ideas.
Are you ready for some FOOOOOOOOOTBALLLLLLL? Erm. Not enough to care to paint well.Collapse )

Maybe I've been working at Mikey's too long, but, really, painting wood bores me to tears. Eventually you have NO IDEAS LEFT. Also, if one more person comes up to me at work while I'm wandering the aisles trying to think of another design to paint another frickin birdhouse and says, "Ohmigawd your job must be SO MUCH FUN I AM SO JEALOUS!" I'm going to shove the birdhouse down their throat.

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